Prepare for your Next Patient with Training Scenario’s for Junior Doctors

Access clinical scenario’s that simulate facing patients whom have entered A&E or have post-surgical conditions

Prepare for Your Next Cardiac Arrest with ILS Training

Access training that will provide you clinical scenarios that allow you to practice essential immediate life support skills

Have confidence treating your next patient with access to clinical guidance of NICE algorithms

Access step by step instructions of NICE guidelines when seeing a patient that requires a CT scan or requires treatment to limb trauma or injury

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Quick and Easy Access

Access the app from any mobile or desktop device with no download required. Get the training you need where ever you are.


Upon completing a training scenario, you can start again and follow a different pathway that will provide you with different clinical challenges.

Receive Feedback

Once you have completed a training scenario, compare how well you performed to previous scenarios. You will also receive rewards when reaching new milestones in your training.

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