A touch away from learning that will help you make a difference to your next patient

Access patient-centric learning on any touchscreen and desktop device, thus requiring no downloads.

Prepare for the Clinical Challenges on the Frontlines of Healthcare by Tackling Patient-centric Scenarios

Get access to scenarios such as:

Tackle scenarios that refer to physiological measurements that will help you quickly become familiar with clinical setting.

With the help of animations, get exposed to:

Set the stage for the scenario with a bite-sized introduction, so that you can tackle the scenario with confidence

Swipe or click through the introductions on your touchscreen or desktop device

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Quick and Easy Access

Access the app from any mobile or desktop device with no download required. Get the training you need where ever you are.


Upon completing a training scenario, you can start again and follow a different pathway that will provide you with different clinical challenges.

Receive Feedback

Once you have completed a training scenario, compare how well you performed to previous scenarios. You will also receive rewards when reaching new milestones in your training.

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